Welcome - Xi'neng Boiler GroupTel 0510-85605893 / 85600333xngl@xngl.com
                        Professional boiler solutions
                        “錫能” 牌鍋爐有燃煤、燃油(氣)、電加熱、燃生物質、燃水煤漿、燃燒垃圾等各型蒸汽鍋爐、熱水鍋爐、有機熱載體鍋爐(導熱油爐)、余熱回收爐等。產品廣泛用于發電、供熱、化工、紡織、印染、食品、紙品、建筑、塑料 橡膠、木材、酒店賓館等諸多工業和商業服務行業。
                        Providing professional services
                        公司技術研發力量雄厚,是 “江蘇省級高新技術企業” “江蘇省認定企業技術中心” 、 “無錫市科技研發機構” 、 “江蘇省智能化水煤漿導熱油爐工程技術研究中心” 。擁有強大的鍋爐自主設計研發能力。在鍋爐燃燒、換熱、結構等方面擁有100余項次發明專利如實用新型專利技術。
                        A high quality boiler manufacturer
                        公司以 “科技創新產品、質量追求卓越,誠信服務用戶,讓客戶和員工滿意” 為目標 , 制造 “安全 、 環保、節能、高效” 的鍋爐產品 , 做中國優秀的鍋爐制造商。
                        Providing professional services
                        公司技術研發力量雄厚,是 “江蘇省級高新技術企業” “江蘇省認定企業技術中心” 、 “無錫市科技研發機構” 、 “江蘇省智能化水煤漿導熱油爐工程技術研究中心” 。擁有強大的鍋爐自主設計研發能力。在鍋爐燃燒、換熱、結構等方面擁有100余項次發明專利如實用新型專利技術。
                        Xi'neng Group
                        Founded in 1991, Wuxi Xi'neng Boiler Co., Ltd (P.R. China) is a professional manufacturing company for boiler and pressure vessel. Our company covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters, with more than 500 workers and more than 150 engineering technicians of various types. Our company holds "S" and "U" stamps of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards, Class-A Boiler Manufacturing License, D1D2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License of China.
                        Professional manufacturing Seiko products
                        Fixed assets of 250 million yuan
                        Covers an area of 100,000 square meters
                        In boiler combustion, heat transfer, structure, etc.
                        More than 100 patented technologies
                        More than 500 employees,
                        More than 150 engineers and technicians
                        More than 10,000 customers worldwide
                        Provide professional products and services
                        Global sales network
                        “Xineng” products are sold well in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to the United States, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Africa, South America and other countries and regions. The annual production and sales volume of “Xineng Brand” boiler is the top in the country. The total number of users of tin energy boiler products has exceeded 10,000.…
                        Advanced and excellent facilities and manufacturing Introduction of equipment
                        Advanced and excellent facilities and manufacturing Introduction of equipment are the guarantee of quality products. Our company has purchased more than 300 sets of advanced processing and testing Introduction of equipment such as plasma cutting machine, CNC drilling Introduction of equipment, automatic welding system, various welding Introduction of equipment, real-time online imaging inspection system from abroad, which provides reliable guarantee for excellent product quality.
                        High-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of boiler products
                        R & D
                        The company has always adhered to the strategy of “scientific and technological innovation products”, and has long cooperated with Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, East China University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute and other high-level research institutes to develop new technologies for the application of letter products. Core competitiveness of enterprises…
                        Quality Assurance
                        From product design and development, manufacturing, packaging and shipping, and other processes. All have established a strict quality assurance control system; comprehensively collect the design technical parameters of the product, carry out the design according to the "pot regulations" and other professional laws and regulations, and 100% reach the product standard regulations and customer requirements.
                        Gas Oil-Fired Organic Heat Carrier Boilers
                        The YLW type coal-fired horizontal boiler is circulation-forced chain grate boiler in separate boxes. The whole boiler consists the boiler body on the top and the chain grate at the bottom and could be installed in a field assembly. The boiler surface adopts the structure of single/double furnace tightened in square coil at the back of which is a serpentine convective heat exchange tube.
                        WNS Oil (Gas) Fired Steam / Hot-Water Boiler
                        SZS Oil (Gas) Fired Steam / Hot-Water Boiler
                        DZL Coal-Fired Steam / hot Water Boiler
                        SZL Coal-Fired Steam / Hot-Water Boilers
                        Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
                        Biomass fuel steam hot water boiler is fueled with wooden waste, forestry/agricultural biomass and agroforestry mixed biomass.The combustion equipment adopts chain grate, reciprocating grate and fixed grate and the other forms of combustion. Our company is also capable of making separately design as the customers demand.
                        Cooperative Cooperative partner

                        The annual production and sales volume of tin energy boilers ranks first in the country.
                        The total number of users of tin energy boiler products has exceeded 10,000.

                        HUA TE
                        OU PONT
                        Communicate relevant news and information to you in a timely manner so that you can get the new content you need in the first place.
                        Time: 2018-09-14|Current events
                        Boiler, which is a website product and keyword, and is the main and important product in the website…
                        Time: 2018-09-14|Current events
                        Heat-conducting oil furnace, which is a specific and common type of boiler, and can be said to be wi…
                        Value-added services
                        Seiko products, professional services. Customer-oriented, professional, fast and reliable, providing customers with five-star hotel "housekeeping" service. The tin energy boiler has established an efficient and timely service network and customer service center. It can provide pre-sales and after-sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and implement “three guarantees” during the product warranty period.
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